How To Fahrenheit & Kelvin Scales Have The Same Numerical Value?

Well in order to calculate the level of temperature where we would have the same numerical values for both the Fahrenheit and the Kelvin scale we would need to solve some mathematics equation ahead which we are going to do below.
First of all, let’s assume some values

  • TF represents the Fahrenheit temperature value
  • TC represents the Celsius temperature value
  • And T stands for the Kelvin temperature

Now, let’s put ahead of the equation and solve it.

  • We know that T=1.8T-459.67
  • Hence 08T would be equivalent to = 459.67
  • Solving it further we would get the value of T as =459.67/0.8=574.5875

Hence at 574.5875 Fahrenheit, it would be equivalent to 574.5875 K which would be the 301.4375 Degree Celsius after the conversion.

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