How Can You Solve This Equation C= 5/9*(F−32)?

C= 5/9*(F-32) is basically a formula which is used to convert the Fahrenheit measure of temperate to the Celsius measure of temperature. This formula is a very commonly used formula when it comes to converting the Fahrenheit to Celsius since there could be the times when we might need such conversion.

This formula is used to convert one particular measure of Fahrenheit to the Celsius measure so that we could get the value of that particular Fahrenheit measure in the terms of Celsius.

For example, we know that the boiling measure point of the water in the Fahrenheit scale is 212 °F now what if we want to know the boiling point of the water on the scale of Celsius as well?

This is when we can use this formula and solving the equation of the formula we would get the answer as follows.

C= (5/9)*(F-32)
5×20= 100 Degree Celsius

Hence as the Answer implies the 100 Degree Celsius would be the temperature point on the scale of the Celsius when the Water starts boiling. You can convert any given Fahrenheit temperature in the terms of Celsius using this formula.

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