What are The Meaning and Unit of Temperature?

A temperature is basically a sense which can be expressed in the terms of hot or cold. Temperature is an integral part of the climate and since everything else is existing into the planet they all have the temperature be it an object or the living, non-living things.

The same fact can be defined that we being the human beings have a temperature in our body and in the same way the other non-living objects also carry the temperature.

The Unite of Temperature is the physical quantity or the numeric value of the temperature which is used to define the scale of temperature. There are many units of defining the temperature which is known as the temperature units.

The Kelvin, Fahrenheit and the Celsius are the three major units of measuring the temperature which is used at their own places.

The Fahrenheit Unit of temperature defines the temperature at the scale of F and the Celsius measure unit of the Temperature defines the temperature at the scale of degree Celsius. The last unit of temperature is Kelvin which is primarily used in the science domain, and it has the K unit as its scale of measuring the temperature.

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