Can I Define As Scale That is Used in a Clinical Thermometer?

A clinical thermometer is the one which has been seen probably by all of us since it is something that can be easily found at the clinic of your doctor. It is basically used to measure the human body temperature so that the fever and other diseases can be diagnosed in accordance with the temperature of the body.

The thermometer is made of the mercury inside its glass, which gives an accurate measure of body temperature by its levels, as per the scale of temperature for the body.

A clinical thermometer uses the scales of both the Celsius and the Fahrenheit to show the temperature results. This scale actually starts from the 35 degrees and can reach up to 42 degree Celsius and it shows the same values in the terms of Fahrenheit as well.

A thermometer is washed or cleaned by the alcohol after the usage, and after a certain time, they reach their neutral level of temperature.

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