What is This Temperature in The Celsius scale?

Fahrenheit and the Celsius are the two significant measures of measuring the temperature they are having their respective scales of temperature, and are often used interchangeably. As we have said that the Fahrenheit and the Celsius have their respective scales of measuring the temperature, hence they both have their different temperature of the freezing and the boiling points.

Types of Temperature

In Celsius 0 degree Celsius is the temperature when the water starts freezing on the other hand 100 degrees is the temperature when the water starts boiling. Similarly, in terms of Fahrenheit, the freezing temperature is 32 Fahrenheit while the boiling temperature is considered to be 212 Fahrenheit.

When we talk about the melting of the rocks yes the rocks also have the melting temperature point where the rocks start melting in the form of decompression and the hydration.

Some rocks can melt at the point of the 2000 Fahrenheit temperature and if we convert this temperature in the terms of Celsius, then we would get 11093 degree Celsius.

So, some rocks can get at their melting at the temperature of the 2000 Fahrenheit or the 11093 degree Celsius both are the same temperatures point.

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